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2015 Casting for Cats Tournament Results

In the 2015 Casting for Cats Ladies Backcountry Tournament we had 67 anglers compete on 49 boats. The results are as follows:


Connie O Day – High point angler in the Artificial Division

No permit where caught.
Largest Catfish –  Helen Cone with Capt Mike Venezia
Largest Tarpon –   Dorothy Albury  with Capt Rusty Albury
Largest bonefish –  Ashley Portman with Tony Melton
Largest Red fish – Amanda Towe with Capt Randy Towe
 High point Team  –  Betsy Bullard and Kathy Gwilliams with Capt Brian Gwilliams
Backbone Lure division –  1st runner up –  Courtney Howell with Capt Steve Thomas
High point angler in backbone lure division –   Carmet Cafiero with Capt. Steve Thomas
 1st runner up fly division – Susan McCarthy with Capt. Randy Stallings
high point angler in fly division –  Noel Schael with Capt. Rainer Schael
1st runner up Artificial division  –  Jill Preihs with Capt Mark Gilman
High point angler in the Artificial division –  Connie O Day with Capt Dave Denkert
1st runner up bait division –  Kathy Gwilliams  with Capt Brian Gwilliams
high point angler in bait division –  Jill Preihs with Capt Mark Gilman
1st runner up Grand Champion Angler –  Besty Bullard with Capt. Brian Gwilliams
2015 Grand Champion Angler  – Jill Preihs fishing with Capt. Mark Gilman


2015 Grand Champion Angler – Jill Preihs